Why Have JUUL’s Gained Popularity?

We sell JUUL devices at END VAPE at your local Rochester, NY smoke shop.

By the end of 2017, the Juul had started gaining popularity across the U.S. and currently has market share control of 72%. Being a lightweight, pocket sized vaporizer and carefully formulated e-juice pods; Juul created a whole new experience for vapers. Stop in at one of our eight vape shops in Rochester, NY and we will be happy to get you started with a Juul or another device!

So what has made the Juul so popular over the past year?

  • Super easy to use: There are no buttons, no screen, and really no setup at all. Just insert a juice pod and you’re ready to go - wherever and whenever.

  • Similar to smoking cigarettes: The Juul doesn’t use standard nicotine liquid. Instead, it uses nicotine salts which are typically more satisfying to former smokers. Nicotine salts contain other organic compounds that are found naturally in the leaves of the tobacco plant. The experience of using a Juul is more similar to smoking than using other types of vaping devices. Juul’s are activated by pulling versus using a button.

  • It’s discrete: Based on your personality, you probably lean towards not caring about people seeing you vape, or you’d prefer to keep it a little more hidden from public view. A great feature with using the Juul is it doesn’t draw massive attention. With nicotine salt as the base liquid, you can get a satisfying, full hit without generating a large amount of vapor.

  • It performs great: There’s nothing like enjoying your vape without worrying about your device leaking, or your cartridge clogging, or any of the other downfalls of previous low powered devices. The Juul is a reliable device that has durability, while still being affordable. At END Vape & Smoke Shop in Rochester, NY we sell a wide variety of devices to get you started on the right track of vaping!

Quick User Tips For Starters

Keep It Charged: With the Juul being a small device, the battery can’t be as big compared to other devices. Luckily, compared to many pod systems, the Juul battery lasts pretty long. Though if you vape consistently you may find yourself charging it once or twice a day. The good news is the Juul doesn’t take long to charge up as a dead battery can be placed on a charger for a single minute and give you enough juice for 10 hits.

  1. Get The Perfect Pull: If you’re not getting as strong of a pull as usual, it may be due to trapped air bubbles in your device. Gently shake your Juul device to pass air bubbles helping to deliver a better hits.

The Juul Device Isn’t The Only Option

A variety of brands now produce really awesome devices that some vapers prefer to the Juul device. If you want an awesome pod systems, but aren’t in love with the Juul, stop in at one of our vape shops in Rochester, NY to see all options!