Common Vaping Mistakes

Common Vaping Mistakes

February 07, 2019

Whether you’ve been vaping for years or just starting out, we’ve all encountered some issues when it comes to vaping. Below are five common mistakes all vapers have likely experienced. If you’re just starting to vape, be sure to refer to this list hopefully preventing you from making the same mistakes as some of us! At END Vape & Smoke Shop in Rochester, NY we have the experts to help both veterans and beginners with tips and recommendations for all vaping needs.

Wrong Nicotine 

Here at END Vape & Smoke Shop in Rochester, NY we recommend you ask us questions when choosing your nicotine level for the first time. If you start with a high level of nicotine, it can make you feel sick. There’s also a chance you would begin to have cigarette cravings, and vaping is ideal for breaking that habit.


Wrong Flavor

Choosing a flavor right for you when you first start vaping can be overwhelming.  There are hundreds of flavors to choose from and it's hard to pick a starting point. A helpful tip is to start with types of foods you like, and you can also start with a tobacco flavor if you’re quiting cigarettes.

Not Changing Your Coil

The coil in your vape tank is how the e-juice turns into vapor. It’s similar to a lighter running out of fuel or a light bulb breaking and not working. There are warning signs letting you know it’s time to change your coil. If the taste starts to deteriorate or you’re getting less vapor, it’s time to change.

Not Charging Your Battery

The worst thing that can happen when you start vaping is to run out of battery in your vape. It doesn’t matter if you have a vape pen, regulated mod or mechanical mod, this has happened to all vapers. Your battery is the life of your vape and if you are out on the town without a charge that could drive you crazy. Tip – charge your vape the same time you charge your phone that way it will always be charged. Just make sure you are using battery safety at all times when vaping!


Every vaper has had their ups and downs when it comes to vaping and it can be frustrating. The best part is knowing that the entire vape community here at END Vape & Smoke Shop in Rochester, NY is here to help! Vaping is a change in your lifestyle and we expect you to ask questions, especially if you’re trying to quit smoking.

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