Your Guide to Buying CBD Products

Your Guide to Buying CBD Products

February 05, 2019

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CBD has gained attention through its potential health benefits, such as reduction in stress, anxiety, inflammation, and aches. At END Vape & Smoke Supply in Rochester, NY we sell a wide variety of Cannabidiol, or CBD, products and want to educate you on CBD and how its products can benefit you.

CBD is a naturally occuring active ingredient derived either from cannabis or hemp. When it is derived from cannabis it contains an additional, high THC concentration which is still illegal in many states. When derived from hemp, it contains 0.3% THC concentration or less and is available across the US.

Due to such low levels of THC in hemp CBD, it provides different effects when inhaling or ingesting compared to cannabis. You do not feel the “high” associated with marijuana and instead it will bind to different receptors in your brain to reduce the feelings noted above: stress, anxiety, inflammation, and aches. Stop in at one of our vape shop locations in Rochester, NY and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!



Reduces internal inflammation and seizures. This is one of the most prominent effects of CBD - its anti-inflammatory property. CBD binds to the receptors that manage pain and inflammation in the immune system and alters how your brain responds to these symptoms. May also alleviate muscle soreness, headaches, and stiffness from exercise.

Anxiolytic (anti-anxiety)

Reduces stress and promotes restful sleep. We naturally produce cannabinoids, similar to the compounds found in CBD. People with anxiety will notice less stress and fear, especially in social settings. A better nights sleep promotes positivity of the mind, aiding in the reduction of stress and anxiety.


Promotes a clear mind and wakeful days. Better sleep means increased clarity of the mind and alertness. It can keep you from feeling that 3pm slump at your desk!


Rejuvenating and soothes irritation. Topical CBD products are good for reducing irritation and redness of the skin. It aids in relieving itchy, damaged, or dry patches anywhere on the body. Note that some medications that can interact poorly with CBD like beta blockers and  medications that treat epilepsy.

Pet Health

Yes, your pet can benefit from CBD, too! The same soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that work on humans will work on animals. If your pet can’t handle you leaving the house or has joint issues, consider adding some hemp oil to their food. Keep in mind that CBD has been known to cause drowsiness in dogs and cats.

Product Types


Vape oils are the most common form of CBD today. Oils go directly to your bloodstream so it acts quickly and potently. If you choose to purchase vape oil, you will have to purchase electronics as they are only intended to be inhaled.

Tinctures also act quickly through absorption under the tongue. This can be in the form of a dropper or a spray, both providing the same effect.


For a quick and easy way to ingest CBD, food is the way to go. CBD can be put into cookies, chocolate, gummies, or lollipops, to name a few. Be careful not to overeat!

Capsules are similar to other supplements in health food stores. They are made from concentrated, powdered CBD and work a little more slowly than when inhaled.


Typically in the form of skincare products, like lotions or balms. These are straightforward and require no special application, which is part of the reason why they are so popular. CBD lotions and creams are good for inflamed or irritated areas like eczema and rashes and is not intended for anxiety other internal concerns. Face creams have a tendency to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the skin, so more attention has been made to manufacture these types of products.

Knowing which CBD products to buy may seem overwhelming. Visit us at one of our eight vape shops in Rochester, NY and we will be happy to help you choose what is right for you!