Integrated and Removable Vape Batteries

Integrated and Removable Vape Batteries

March 22, 2019

When it comes to vaping, batteries often do not get much hype. However, batteries are one of the most important part of your vape, and deciding what kind of battery to buy is crucial when vaping. At END Vape Shop in Rochester, NY, our staff can find the perfect battery fit for your vape and lifestyle.

Vape batteries are not as simple as AA or AAA, they are in fact a little harder to understand. The wrong vape can seriously affect your vape performance, and potentially ruin your vape device. Many people do not realize the importance of choosing the correct battery, and the impact a battery has on performance. Batteries come in two different varieties, integrated and removable. There is huge variety in both styles, however choosing one as the base is essential. They both have their strengths, but suit different types of vapers. To find out which battery is right for you. Stop by any of our vape shop locations in Rochester, NY

Integrated Batteries

Integrated batteries are the simplest power source for an e-cigarette, and combines the battery, circuitry, controls, and atomizer connection into a single unit. These are the main parts of a vape pen, and recharge by removing the atomizer and connecting a charging cable. Vape pen batteries are easy to use and ideal for new vapers. For most of them, you do not need to adjust the power level, and the storage capacity is low. If you believe an integrated battery is right for you, our experts at END Vape Shop in Rochester, NY can help you find your perfect battery.

Removable Batteries

Removable batteries give you the most flexibility in vaping. When going out. You can simply take a spare set of batteries with you, and change out the batteries when they start to run low. You never have to rely on being near a charging outlet. Removable batteries come in different sizes, and it is important to choose the right size for your vape. Some batteries hold more charge, however using the wrong size battery could potentially ruin your device. For help finding the perfect battery size for your device, visit any of our eight vape shop locations in Rochester, NY.

Making the Right Choice

When deciding whether to use integrated or removable batteries, it is most important to consider the safety of the device, to avoid any accidents. Remember never to leave vape devices or vape batteries in direct sunlight or a hot vehicle, as to prevent the batteries from overheating and exploding. Make sure your device can handle the amount of power in your battery. Buying a battery too powerful for your device can ruin your device. Never mix different batteries within your vape. Assure the batteries are identical before installing them into your device. For any questions regarding battery usage, visit any of vape shops in Rochester, NY.