Choosing the Right Vape for You is tough- END Vape & Smoke can help!

Choosing the Right Vape for You is tough- END Vape & Smoke can help!

April 29, 2019

With so many different vape devices and so many vape shops out there, choosing the correct vape for you can be overwhelming. END Vape & Smoke in Rochester, NY, can help you find the perfect vape for your needs!

Our knowledgeable staff can assess and suggest the right vaping set-up for your specific needs, starting with discussing what you’re hoping to get out of your new vaping device. Whether you’re trying vaping to help you quit smoking tobacco, or you’re searching for an upgrade to a previous device, or just in the market for something new- END Vape & Smoke staff will demonstrate a variety of product options for your specific needs.

The END Vape & Smoke team is also experienced in helping customers find a vape that’s right for them based on budget. Vaping devices, such as tanks, mods, kits, batteries, and pod systems allow for a wide price range; the END staff will work with your budget to get you the perfect vape for you. We’ll also explain what to expect with your new device in terms of follow-up cost, such as replacement coils, pods, and e-Liquids.

Your level of vaping experience also comes into play when choosing the right device for you. END Vape & Smoke staff will take the time to assess and suggest the right device for your level of know-how. Whether you’re a beginner purchasing your first vape, or a seasoned vaper looking for the latest & greatest the vaping industry has to offer, END staff knows what’s best and will take the time to explain your options.

Purchasing a vape device on your own can leave many questions unanswered, especially when shopping online. At END Vape & Smoke, our friendly and experienced staff will walk you through everything you need to know about your new vape. From unboxing to setting-up your vape device, to routine maintenance or troubleshooting, our staff at END has your covered. With personal experience with all the products we carry, END team members can offer personalized tips and tricks for how to get the very best vaping experience from your new purchase!

Once you purchase your device, END Vape & Smoke has 9 vape shops in Rochester, NY to better serve our customers. You can easily contact or stop in to any location and we will answer follow-up questions about your device components or settings, or any questions you may have. And we’re open late- until 10pm and until midnight in Henrietta, NY, we can help you almost any time of day!

With so many options for vaping devices, different kinds of vaping products, and different shops to choose from, choosing the right vape for you can be overwhelming. Choosing the right vape for you is simplified with personalized help from the staff at END Vape & Smoke Supply, come see us today and we’ll get you set-up!