Which Atomizer Is Right For You?

Which Atomizer Is Right For You?

April 19, 2019

For all vapers a decision has to be made when selecting a new atomizer. Do you prefer an atomizer that is disposable or one that uses replaceable coils or rebuildable coils? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of these atomizers that’ll help you choose the atomizer right for you. At END Vape & Smoke Shop in Rochester, NY we have the experts to help you choose the right atomizer.

Disposable Atomizers

Most starter kits come with disposable atomizers so usually these are the first experience new vapers have with atomizers. This atomizer is meant to be replaced often as they become more difficult to draw vapor over time.  The entire atomizer needs to be replaced as opposed to non-disposable atomizers. This ends up costing more in the long run with the entire atomizer needing to be replaced where other atomizers just need coils replaced. Since these atomizers have a short lifespan they often lack features commonly found on reusable atomizers. With the short lifespan flavors tend to not last as long and it’ hard to change flavors once you start with one. Though these atomizers are great for the new vaper trying to decide if vaping is right for them. Stop in at one of our vape shop locations in Rochester, NY and we will be happy to get you started with the atomizer.

Replaceable Coil Atomizers

Atomizers with replaceable coils are a popular choice for vapers buying atomizers today. These atomizers utilize replaceable coil heads that usually screw in and out of the device for easy replacement. These replaceable atomizers do cost more than their disposable counterparts because they offer more features. Features such as airflow control valves and pyrex glass tubes which help with vapor production and flavor. They’re also easily replaced and the cost of replacement coils over time will certainly save you money when compared to disposable atomizers. If you consider yourself more experienced in vaping stop in at one of our vape shops in Rochester, NY to see all replaceable atomizers we offer. Stop in at one of our vape shop locations in Rochester, NY and we will be happy to get you started with the atomizer.

Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable atomizers are highly customizable and are prefered by experienced vapers. These atomizers are also capable of producing the best vapor and flavor experience. The start up cost for this type of atomizer and rebuilding supplies are high vs. disposable and replaceable atomizers, though long term these are the most cost effective. Rebuilding atomizers and building your own coils does have a learning curve which is why some beginners initially use disposables or replaceables. Rebuilding atomizers is often considered to be only for advanced vapers but in truth most rebuildable atomizers actually are relatively easy to use. With some time and effort many people find them simple to use and easy to rebuild. Different resistance coils, coil sizes, wire sizes, and wicking material each will give a different vaping experience and only you can decide which works best for you. At END Vape shop in Rochester, NY we sell a wide variety of atomizers to get you started on the right track of vaping!

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